Tang Hong, Vice Mayor of Meishan City, Sichuan Province, Met with MD Yuan Zhilun in a symposium
Huang Min

On February 18, Yuan Zhilun, Managing Director of Bosai Group, accompanied by Cao Wenqi, deputy general manager, came to Meishan Aostar Aluminum Company to visit and console the factory cadres. Later, he met with Tang Hong, deputy mayor in charge of Meishan industry, and with Zhong Zhixiang, general manager of Sichuan Qixing Aluminum Company, as well as the Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of Ganmei Industrial Park.


At the symposium, Tang Hong analyzed and prospected the current development of the aluminium industry in the whole country and Ganmei Industrial Park, and was very optimistic about the market prospects for the high-quality development of the aluminium industry. Yuan Zhilun said that Meishan Aostar Aluminum Company, as a key enterprise in Meishan City, was confident to actively do a good job in safe and environmental protection production and make new contributions to the further development of the local economy in Meishan City.