Yuan Zhilun, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Nanchuan District and MD of the Bosai Group, and His Delegation Went to Shuijiang Town to Investigate Poverty Alleviation

February 19 is the Lantern Festival. According to the unified deployment of Party committees and governments at the municipal and district levels, Yuan Zhilun, Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC Nanchuan District and Managing Director of Bosai Group, led the relevant leaders of Nanchuan District Audit Bureau and District Administration Bureau of Administrative Services, accompanied by Zheng Xiaojun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shuijiang Town, Liu Guilin, Vice-President of Bosai Group, Fan Yuqing, etc. They visited Changqing and Shanshui villages to investigate poverty alleviation on the spot, and consoled four poor families and distributed red envelopes for the holidays.


At the symposium after the investigation, Yuan Zhilun, based on the actual situation of the investigation, put forward four practical supporting measures, solving the employment of about 600 people in Shuijiang District, giving priority to solving the employment of about 100 people in poverty-stricken villages to ensure a stable annual income of about 5 million yuan; Bosai Group's five enterprises in Nanchuan and Fuling The industry annually underwrites vegetables and poultry and other food in poverty-stricken villages above 5 million yuan, so that these villages can achieve sustainable development; 27 poor families and 72 poor people in Shuijiang town are donated by Yuan Zhilun personally, with a total annual subsidy of about 300 yuan per person, with a total annual subsidy of about 200,000 yuan; and Bosai Group allocates 1.5 million yuan per year to fund the construction of roads, the renovation of infrastructure and the schools in poverty-stricken villages to support the development of new rural industries.


In total, the Bosai Group's poverty assistance fund for Shuijiang Town is about 12 million yuan a year and 180 million yuan in 15 years. Ten million of them are solved by solving employment and purchasing agricultural products by enterprises every year, which is the focus of this precise poverty alleviation measure, realizing the win-win situation of enterprise value and poverty alleviation work.