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Bosai Group was founded in Chongqing, Southwest China. With its comprehensive portfolio of assets and operating experience, it takes the lead in China’s reform and opening-up and is well known for its 20 plus years' history of entrepreneurship. Bosai Group never stops looking for ways to be more productive, efficient and sustainable in its field of expertise, which includes bauxite and manganese mining, together with aluminum and ferroalloy production. Through constant efforts, the company has been widely recognized as one of China’s most successful enterprises that supply to the world while serve the public.


To date, the total assets of Bosai Group have reached above USD 1.5 billion, while annual sales has exceeded USD 4.2 billion. In the past two decades, Bosai Group has built up a dedicated international staff team consisting of 7000 committed individuals who have jointly ensured the smooth operation of the group’s over ten large manufacturing and trading subsidiaries and branches in China, Ghana, Guyana,and Germany; in respect of mining, Bosai Group has ownership in over 300 million tonnes of premium bauxite reserves and over 30 million tonnes of high-grade manganese reserves. Each year, Bosai Group produces 6.5 million tonnes of bauxite, 300,000 tonnes of calcined bauxite, 200,000 tonnes of brown fused alumina (BFA), 1.7 million tonnes of alumina, 450,000 tonnes of primary aluminum, 150,000 tonnes of aluminum products and 550 thousand tonnes of SiMn alloy. In 2019, Bosai Group will ramp up its production capacity by 600 thousand tonnes of manganese concentrate and 200 thousand tonnes of calcined bauxite.

Bosai Group offers products from its mines, refineries and smelters to meet customer-specific needs around the globe,with its global distribution network strategically located in 30 countries across Asia, Europe and America. Bosai’s calcined bauxite and BFA have topped the world in both output and sales volume. Among the authoritative rankings of China, Bosai Group has been listed as one of the top 500 China’s private enterprises, top 500 China’s manufacturing enterprises, top 50 China’s non-ferrous metals industrial enterprises and top 10 private enterprises in Chongqing for consecutive years, and was rated as the most competitive aluminum company in China and the most cost-effective company in China’s ferroalloy industry. Since its foundation, Bosai Group has set sustainability as an integral part of its corporate culture: to this day, the group has donated an accumulative total of more than USD 9 million to the society.