Mr. Gu Yunlong, Director of the Standing Committee of the Aba Prefecture People's Congress and Secretary of the Party Group, went to Aba Aluminum Plant for an Investigation Tour
Yin Lijuan

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up nationwide, Mr. Gu Yunlong, director of the Standing Committee of the Aba Prefecture People's Congress and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group, came to Aba Aluminum Smelting Plant to learn more about the recent progress concerning the production and operation of the enterprise. Wenchuan County People's Government, State Development and Reform Commission, State Economic and Information Commission, State Land Bureau, State Environmental Protection Bureau, State Water Conservancy Bureau, State Grid Company and Minjiang Hydropower Company together participated in the investigation.

Mr. Gu and his delegation came to the aluminum alloy production line to understand in detail the current development status, development goals and difficulties encountered in the development of the enterprise through on-the-spot visits and briefings. They also listened to Mr. Yu Yi, the director of Aba Aluminum Plant, about the production costs, market quotations among other aspects of the enterprise.

Mr. Gu Yunlong pointed out that Aba Aluminum Smelting Plant plays a decisive role in the whole prefecture. The Prefecture Party Committee and the Prefecture Government both attach great importance to the development of this enterprise in Wenchuan County. The Wenchuan County Party Committee and the County Government have been deeply affectionate about the industrial development. Enterprises must earnestly study the market, products and production capacity, earnestly grasp the relevant policies of the prefecture on the development of private enterprises, clearly understand the current market environment, situation of the industry, development trend and development objectives, and effectively solve the current difficulties. The prefecture and county governments and functional departments will do their utmost to create better conditions for enterprises and help enterprises with difficulties to transition smoothly. At the same time, he hoped that enterprises in the industrial park can seize the opportunity and seize the advantages of location to further promote development.