Mr. Ding Zhongping, Secretary of Nanchuan District Committee, and His Delegation Visited Shuijiang Alumina Refinery Company
Wei Wei

On December 20, Mr. Ding Zhongping, Secretary of the Nanchuan District Committee, led Mr. Wang Chunshui, the executive vice district director of the Nanchuan District Committee, and a group of relevant responsible persons, including the District Committee officials, the district Development and Reform Committee members, the district Land and Housing Administration Bureau, the district Environmental Protection Bureau, the Economic and Credit Commission, and the Industrial Park Management Committee, to pay a visit to Shuijiang Alumina Co., Ltd. of Nanchuan District, the key project of Chongqing Municipality. The director of the company, Mr. Jiao Fengjiang, the director of the refinery, Mr. Pan Jiayu, and other factory leaders accompanied the Inspection group. During their visit, Secretary Ding inquired in detail about the progress of various preparations for technological renovation and production-resuming, and Mr. Jiao made comprehensive report accordingly.

In responding to the report, Secretary Ding pointed out that the technological renovation and production-resuming project of Shuijiang Alumina Refinery should be attributed to the joint efforts of all parties involved at all levels, which also met the expectations of the 700,000 citizens in Nanchuan. He hoped that the company would achieve its plan, and advance the schedule to ensure the timely and smooth arrival of technicians, raw materials, funds and other relevant functional departments; meanwhile, he also expressed his hope for the refinery to establish a meticulous guidance service, to make every effort to guarantee the supply of essential productive factors, and to coordinate to ensure that the project is completed and put into production on time.