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In order to actively respond to Chinese Government’s call for “Going Out”, the Bosai Minerals Group has positioned itself in the centre of the global aluminum minerals industry. Equipped with the necessary business skills and insight into the ever-changing economic world of raw materials, minerals and metals, the Group has been widely recognized as a vane for the world’s Bauxite and Aluminum industry.
In 2006, Bosai successfully acquired 80 % the Omai Bauxite Mining Company in the Co-Republic of Guyana, at a cost of USD 60 million. This investment was the single largest made abroad in Chongqing history. This acquisition gave Bosai access to nearly 200 million tons of world’s premium high alumina/low iron bauxite reserves and provided the company with 40% of the global Calcined Bauxite market. Bosai is now ranked as the world’s largest supplier of Calcined Bauxite and China has successfully made its voice heard in the global market.
In the year 2009, Bosai had another extraordinary performance overseas when it reached a Share Purchase Agreement with Rio Tinto Alcan for its’ 80% share of the Ghana Bauxite Company, including full management. The investment of around USD 30 million gave Bosai access to a high alumina / low silica gibbsite bauxite deposit of the world’s highest quality. This project further strengthened Bosai’s status as a role model in response to China’s “Going Out” initiative.