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The Bosai Minerals Group is conscious of its role within the global community and within the communities in which it operates. The Group recognizes that its long-term business sustainability is dependent on social, economic and environmental performance and that its stakeholders including clients, suppliers, employees, local communities etc increasingly measure the company’s success across all three areas. Therefore it is essential to build and maintain a trustful and transparent relationship with the stakeholders.
The Bosai Minerals Group makes significant contributions to local communities and governments through buying consumables and using services, paying royalties and taxes, and providing employment for over 6000 people globally.
 For many years the Bosai Minerals Group, with in mind the value of “Giving back to disadvantaged people while becoming prosperous”, has been participating in as well as initiating various charitable activities in education, helping the poor and the difficult, disaster relief and so on. In particular, the Group donated RMB 1 million to the Foundation for Children suffering leukemia in Chongqing, RMB 3 million to help fight such natural disasters as floods and droughts, RMB 2 million to Sichuan University for education programs. The Group has also set-up a foundation valued at RMB 3 million for education and another valued at RMB 60 million named “Bosai Charity for People with Disadvantages”. The latter is one of the largest charity funds in Chongqing.  In the next two or three years, Bosai will be contributing another RMB 20 million to life-quality-improvement projects initiated by Chongqing Government.
 In addition to contributing to local communities, the Bosai Minerals Group also extends its goodwill to communities abroad, with the people in both Guyana and Ghana enjoying the goods and projects contributed by the Group. These range from public projects such as new roads, schools, mobile policy boxes and garbage trucks to household appliances like televisions and fridges.
The Bosai Minerals Group has by far reached a total donation of RMB 30 million to the communities it operates. By doing so the Group implements its mission of” “Supplying Products Worldwide - Serving the Public - Devotion to Society” and in turn is highly recognized by broader communities.