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1994.08    Establishment of Nanchuan Minerals Development Co., Ltd.

1996.04    Establishment of Nanchuan Jinsan Corundum Co., Ltd. (relocated to Zunyi later)

1997.01    Establishment  of Chongqing International Business Department

1997.08    Mr. Yuan Zhilun joined the company

1998.03    Establishment of Tianjin Mineral Processing Plant (closed)

2000.06    Establishment of Guangxi Fangcheng Mineral Processing Plant (closed)

2001.12    Establishment of Nanchuan Pioneer Alumina Refinery Co., Ltd.

2002.06    Acquisition of Nanping Coal Mining Company

2002.12    Acquisition of Guangxi Pingguo Jinshan Corundum Company (relocated to Fuling later)

2003.07    Re-named as Bosai Minerals Group Co., Ltd.

2003.08    Establishment of Guizhou Jinshan Corundum Co., Ltd. (relocated to Fuling later)

2005.10    Headquartered in Word Trade Center 47th Floor, Yuzhong District, Chongqing

2006.09    Acquisition of Sichuan Aba Aluminium Smelting Plant

2006.12   Acquisition of Omai Bauxite Mining Inc. (South America)

2010.02    Acquisition of Ghana Bauxite Company Limited

2014.03    Establishment of Chongqing Saite Corundum Co., Ltd. (relocation and incorporation of four corundum factories from Guangxi Province and Guizhou Province to Fuling, Chongqing )

2014.07   Establishment of Chongqing Dalang Metallurgical New Materials Co., Ltd.

2016.08   Acquisition of Chongqing Nanbang Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd.

2016.09    Acquisition of Guyana Manganese Inc.

2016.12    Acquisition of Meishan Aostar Aluminium Co., Ltd.